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Anastasiades proposes dialogue and cooperation, Akinci wants also Tymbou (airport). Letter by Anastasiades also to von der Leyen.
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Front Page Headlines


The law on match-fixing & conflict of interest is on the back burner

The competent authorities bear heavy responsibility for the impunity in football. They remembered just yesterday to press charges on Mashias over conflict of interest. The Ethics Committee is the competent authority also on the (UEFA) red files.

  • This is how Varosha will open


Call without response

Anastasiades proposes dialogue and cooperation, Akinci wants also Tymbou (airport). Letter by Anastasiades also to von der Leyen.


A well-established (match-fixing) ring is calling the shots in football

The decay and corruption scenery in Cypriot football is shaming our country while new questions arise on all that has not been done to investigate serious cases. AKEL’s leader said that the establishment is destroying Cypriot football while El Confidencial’s journalist states that “corruption in football reaches the upper layers of society.”  

  • Initiative by AKEL on Famagusta
  • (Akinci) The TCs must back their own will

Cyprus Mail

Club boss and a ref sent for trial

AG studying file on match-fixing in Cyprus relayed by Spanish authorities.

  • A bicommunal committee on Varosha?  – The Cyprus issue, Turkey’s actions in the island’s EEZ and Varosha, plus halloumi were on the agenda of a meeting on Thursday between President Nicos Anastasiades and the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Also on Thursday Anastasiades called for help from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in setting up a bicommunal committee on Varosha.Defence minister denies ‘irresponsible’ reports of US military bases in Cyprus
  • Turkey threatens action on Syria


Match-fixing: This is how the twine of corruption started to unravel

“The problem of match-fixing in Cyprus is bigger than I thought,” says the El Confidencial journalist. Demetris Mashias and Andreas Constantinou were referred to direct trial at the criminal court.

  • Anastasiades: Cyprus problem, EEZ, Famagusta and halloumi before the EU Commission president
  • We are not for Turkish slaps – Sharp response by Akinci to Turkey’s efforts to manipulate the TCs. We must show respect, one must not interfere in the internal affairs of the other.
  • Cavusoglu: If necessary, Turkey will send also a third drillship in the area

Main News

Anastasiades calls for financial support from the EU for studies on Varosha

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
EU Matters, CBMs, Property, Territory, Regional/International Relations


President Nicos Anastasiades met with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday where they discussed Turkey’s actions in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and Varosha but also the halloumi issue, the papers report.

Phileleftheros reports that Anastasiades gave von der Leyen a letter calling for help from the EU for the implementation of his proposal for setting up a bicommunal technical committee on Famagusta with the participation of also international experts.

The daily reports that Anastasiades says in his letter that the Varosha area ought to be demilitarised so that it would be reconstructed for the return of its legal residents.

He also suggests that the EU could fund the necessary studies while the UN could assist in the technical aspect. Anastasiades also said in his letter that, to-date, there has been no response from the Turkish side to his proposal which would be a tangible confidence-building measure (CBM), the daily reports.

During their meeting, Anastasiades told von der Leyen that in view of the Turkish announcement on opening Varosha and the illegal actions in Cyprus’ marine areas, Nicosia could not act in a flexible way as regards Turkey’s European dossiers. He said Nicosia would not consent to the upgrade of the Customs Union agreement with Turkey while recalled the targeted measures unanimously agreed by all member-states against Turkey including suspension of high-level EU-Turkey dialogue, which the Commission does not follow, the paper reported.

Alithia and Phileleftheros report that Government spokesman Kyriacos Koushios said that the EU should not expect Cyprus to be flexible as regards issues concerning EU-Turkey relations but also the EU funds to Turkey and the TCs.

Koushios said the aim was not to see those funds stopped, but both Turkey and some TCs, ought to realise that actions like these come with a cost. He added that the EC president showed understanding and gave reassurances that there will be close cooperation but also actions on behalf of all member-states on the issue.

As regards delays in the registration of halloumi as a protected designation of origin product, Koushios said von der Leyen gave instructions for the procedure to be expedited.

Citing TC leader Mustafa Akinci’s statements during the televised interview he gave earlier in the week, Phileleftherosalso reports that it seems there will be no response by the TC side to Anastasiades’ appeal for the two sides to set up a bicommunal committee on Famagusta.

Based on what Akinci said on the Famagusta issue, he is anything but ready to discuss Anastasiades’ proposal on the bicommunal technical committee. On the contrary, he brought back his earlier proposal to open Varosha under UN administration and open the illegal Tymbou airport for direct flights. Akinci accused the GC side and Turkey of not accepting his proposal, the paper reported.

Politis, reports that though the proposal for the bicommunal committee is not a new one since it was first presented to Akinci last year as a CBM without any response, re-pitching it is part of the government’s plan to tackle Turkish plans on opening Varosha.

The first part of the plan concerns the basis on which the government wants to place the Famagusta issue while the second has to do with the involvement of important states and of the EU in the process for the relaunch of the talks.

The letter to the UNSG alone and repeating the proposal are not considered as effective measures, so the president’s intention is to approach the leaders of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and the leaders of the powerful EU member states, the daily reported.

It adds that meetings are expected in the near future with state leaders so that the positions of the Republic of Cyprus will be conveyed both as regards the opening of Varosha and the restart of the talks.

The aim of the effort is to secure a more active EU role in what is taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean, Politis reports.

Phileleftheros also reports that AKEL, DIKO and the Greens said they would like more information from Anastasiades on his proposal on the technical committee on Famagusta.

Alithia, Politis, Phileleftheros and Cyprus Mai also report that Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday that Ankara would not hesitate to send its third drillship to the Eastern Mediterranean or to waters off Cyprus. Cavusoglu said this would depend on the outcome of ongoing seismic surveys, the dailies report.

Koushios (RoC)
The EU should not expect Cyprus to be flexible on issues concerning EU-Turkey relations & EU funds to Turkey and the TCs. Both Turkey and some TCs, ought to realise that some of their actions come with a cost.

AKEL takes initiative against Turkey’s actions on Varosha

Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process, Regional/International Relations


The dailies report that AKEL on Thursday announced it would take initiative to report Turkey’s unlawful actions, especially as regards Varosha.

AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou announced after a meeting with Norway’s Ambassador Frode Overland Andersen, that his party would take some initiates on the matter such as reporting the latest Turkish aggression to the UN Secretary-General, the permanent members of the Security Council and the EU institutions.

Among them is an event on February 27 in Dherynia to condemn the escalating Turkish provocations and send out the message that this situation will come to an end if the talks resume and a solution is reached.

Kyprianou said the safest way to solve the Famagusta issue is by solving the Cyprus problem. The AKEL leader also had a meeting on Thursday with Famagusta Mayor Simos Ioannou and municipal councillors in the presence of Under Secretary to the President Vasilis Palmas to coordinate actions.

Haravgi reports that the Norwegian ambassador said after meeting Kyprianou that his country would continue to support Cyprus in its effort to solve the Cyprus problem based on UN principles.

Kyprianou (AKEL)
The safest way to solve the Famagusta issue is by solving the Cyprob.

Andersen (Norway)
 Norway continues to support efforts to solve the Cyprob based on UN principles.

Lakkotrypis: Ankara wants to turn the East Med into a Turkish lake

Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Energy, Regional/International Relations


According to the papers, Energy Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis, said that Turkey’s intention is to turn the Eastern Mediterranean into a Turkish lake.

In his speech at the conference of the Journalists’ Union of Athens’ daily newspapers on “Security and perspectives for the new energy routes in the Eastern Mediterranean”, held at the Greek Foreign Ministry, on Thursday, Lakkotrypis said Turkey is trying through its illegal actions to lead other countries in the region to certain mistakes, which will permit the legitimisation of its actions. “Turkey intends to turn the Eastern Mediterranean into a Turkish lake,” he said.
Lakkotrypis also said that the Eastern Mediterranean region could play the role of an alternative source of supply but also of routes to the EU, stressing that in this context Turkey’s behaviour needed careful consideration.

Referring to the energy plans of the Republic of Cyprus, he described as incorrect the views that Cyprus should “freeze” its energy programme or accept Turkey as an equal player in the region, without the latter first fulfilling the basic requirement of respect for international law, the papers report.

Lakkotrypis (RoC Energy Min)
Warns that Turkey wants to turn the East Med into a Turkish lake by trying through its illegal actions to lead other states to make mistakes, which will lead to the legitimisation of its actions.
>> Turkey’s way of operating needs to be observed to avoid problems as regards the East Med region’s potential role as an alternative source of supply but also of routes to the EU.
>> Disagrees that RoC should freeze its energy programme or accept Turkey as an equal player in the region without the latter first fulfilling the basic requirement of respect for international law.

France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier visits Limassol port

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
External Security, Regional/International Cooperation


Defence Minister Savvas Angelides, escorted by French Ambassador Isabelle Dumont, visited on Thursday France’s aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle just a few hours before the vessel arrived at the Limassol port, the dailies report.

Angelides was flown by helicopter to the aircraft carrier which was off Limassol, to meet its commanders and monitor operations. The vessel will be docked at Limassol port for a week from Friday.

The French embassy to Nicosia said on Thursday that the vessel’s arrival was proof of the close relations between the two countries. The aircraft carrier will make a port call to Limassol from February 21 to 26. The French embassy also said that between February 21 to 26 part of the brigade, which will consist mainly of the Charles De Gaulle, the Var refuelling tanker and the Greek frigate Psara, will sail to the port of Limassol. The multi-purpose frigate Auvergne will sail to the port of Larnaca.

The brigade formed around the Charles De Gaulle has been operating in the Middle East for the past four weeks as part of the international anti-ISIS coalition, before arriving in Limassol. During its presence in the Cyprus area the French brigade conducted several exercises with the National Guard, the embassy said according to the papers.

Cyprus Mail reports that President Nicos Anastasiades and other government and military officials as well as members of the diplomatic corps serving in Cyprus are to attend the vessel on Saturday where a reception is to take place.

Phileleftheros, under the headline, ‘France’s permanent presence in the Mediterranean’, reports that the procedures for the expansion of defence cooperation with countries in the region but also EU member-states progress quietly but substantively. Cyprus’ role in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region is being significantly upgraded as part of its participation in PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) with France playing a central role in these partnerships.

French Embassy in Cyprus
The Charles de Gaulle’s arrival in Limassol is proof of the close relations between France & Cyprus.

Man to walk around Cyprus to raise awareness on healthy life choices

Human Rights


The paper reports that 51-year-old Alexis Sofocleous plans on walking around the perimeter of the island to raise awareness on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Sofocleous will start his walk on Saturday from the Oroklini coastal road and plans on walking around 700 kilometres and ending his circular route on the same spot on March 23.

His goal is to walk around 25 kilometres per day. Sofocleous told the daily, though he has been physically preparing himself for this for months, it is a task he does not take lightly because it will be a difficult thing to do.

He also said that he is not familiar with the landscape in the north since he’s only been there once, when his late mother wanted to visit Apostolos Andreas monastery.

Sofocleous’ message is that one ought to make constructive use of their time instead of wasting it away in front of computer and TV screens.

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